He received BSCE degree from METU, Ankara, Turkey in 1968, and received MSCE degree from The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA in 1970.

He worked as site supervising engineer and design engineer for Ebasco Services Inc. at Keban Dam and HEPP during 1970-1972.

After working freelance in Bursa, Turkey during1972-1975, he served as design manager for Karakaya and Ataturk Dam and HEPP under Dolsar Design LLC during 1975-1979.
Kutlutaş Construction Company Inc. employed him between 1979 and 1981 as technical manager in Aliağa Petrochemical Complex-İzmir. He worked for Kutlutaş-Enka JV in Ras Lanuf New Town-Libya and in Medinah Housing Project-Saudi Arabia, and finally resigned as general manager of Kutlutaş Industrial Housing Industry and Trade Inc.-Istanbul in 1992.

H. Bayram Durmuş was partner and general manager of İNFA Construction LLC-Turkey between 1992-1997 that constructed 3 undersea pipelines in Turkey and built various buildings in Sochi-Russia. He later established his own company INFAR Construction LLC-Turkey between 1997-2009 and built various buildings in and around Moscow, Russia.
He joined İdea in 2009.