He received BSCE degree from ADMMA, Ankara, Turkey in 1974.
He worked as site supervising engineer for Ministry of Housing and Public Works at Ankara during 1974-1976. Between 1977-1978, he worked as site supervising engineer for Orba Construction LLV in Iğdır; and later served as site manager for Durusel Group of Companies between 1978-1981 in Istanbul for construction of two buildings.

Enka-Kutlutaş-JV employed him as partner of a subcontractor company responsible for major finishing works in Ras Lanuf New Town Project-Libya between 1981-1985 and in Medinah Housing Project-Saudi Arabia. He was then employed by Enka Construction Inc. in Bekhme-Iraq in the construction of Bekhme Dam between 1988-1991 as site manager for finishing works of various buildings.

After working as coordinator of worksites in İnfar Construction LLC between 1991-1994, He worked for Jetpa Construction Company Inc. as project manager at Jetkent project between 1994-1997. After completion of Jetkent project, he was employed by Hasyapı Construction Company Inc. as general coordinator of five major projects between 1997-1999. He worked as partner-general manager of Construction Supervision Company within Ayhanlar Construction Group between 1999-2001, and resigned after 2001 financial crisis. Then he worked for Ark Construction Company Inc. under Koç Holding as project manager of four projects including the Migros Headquarters between 2001-2005.

Between 2005-2007, he worked for Özsaya Gün-Er JV as project manager of Europe Flats construction in Halkalı-Istanbul. After completing this project, he was employed by IMS Engineering Consultants LLC between 2008-2010 as project supervision manager of Prime Mall shopping center in Iskenderun.
He joined İdea in 2010.